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Thread: The beatles fans.

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    Smile The beatles fans.

    Talk about the beatles. Your Fav beatle. of fav beatles songs. Have you seen them live??

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    nice. I love the Beatles. Havn't seen them live though.

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    any like

    there ( yellow submarine album/song/video anyone like that from the beatles

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    Haven't seen them live, my mother and aunt where at the Ed Sullivan show when they played,

    Fav song: Michelle, or All the Lonely People

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffkaz View Post
    All the Lonely People
    lol, the song is Elenor Rigby.

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    thanks lol

    foot in mouth

    But I really do like that song

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    love em, and every album from rubber soul to let it be (or abbey road, whichever you count as the last) are epic

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