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Thread: D2SUN v3 update or not update

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    D2SUN v3 update or not update

    I have D2SUN v3 with WiiClip, no softmod. My Wii is PAL D2E and updated with 3.3e (damn!). I can't remember the version of the modchip firmware, but i believe i got the early 7-wire one. maybe 3.01? Anyway to tell the firmware version without opening the console again?

    My question is whether to get Nero Dual Programmer to update firmware to the latest. If I do update it, which firmware version to use: the 7-wire D2SUN-v3.03-A3P125_(_7_wires_ALL-in-1_UNIVERSAL_) or can i use 6-wire D2SUN-v3.05A-A3P125_(_6_wires_ALL-in-1_UNIVERSAL_). Hopefully it will help with get some games such as SSBB to work and fix the known eject problem.

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    D2Sun should have that by default due to when it came out, but you can if you want, its without a doubt not gonna hurt you

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    Hi, going onto cookie lu's question: is there an update available for solderless version with wiiclips??? I am sort of new and d2sun v3 solderless is the type I use on my D2E chip.

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    I purchased my d2sun v3 on Dec. 15th, 2008.
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    Talking D2SUN v1.3a solderless

    I have a D2SUN v1.3a solderless, I have scanned over this wonderful forum about possible up-dates via wii disc or over the net...... well all the info. about not updating via disc a very wise thing for me to listen to, so I went for over the net. Considering this wii has not up-dated for over a year since I had the chip installed, anyway we went for it, it took around 7 minutes, reboot, looked at my son, he looked at me ............. it was blo*dy wonderful , no erros nor brick the wii, great stuff guys wonderful forum.

    Thx m8's

    Just 2 let u all now, 4 days ago burnt virtual tennis 2009, 2 infact at 1x, but did not work.....through one away, lucky found he other after this up-date, plays wonderfully...
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    Hi bazk666,

    Care to elaborate how you update and which version so other readers can follow?

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    Sorry cookie lu just got back from a long working week, anyway.
    Just checked my sons wii, it is ver 4.1E, the chip is D2Sun v1.3a solderless. Ok here goes.
    1. configured the wii internet (wireless) to my router
    2. assigned an IP address.
    3. click on test, OK
    4. Just clicked on internet, asked to update, clicked.
    5. excellent, took around 7 ,minutes.
    Straight forward, just follow the prompts.
    At the wii channel with all the icons, click on the WII button at the bottom left screen,
    now u will see to icons, click on the right on WII Settings, then just follow the sreens (3 screens), go to the 2nd (I think) or 3rd, configure wireless, (WPA PSK etc.) test connections ok, then it may aske you to up-date, DO.
    Thats its...

    Hopefully this helps.

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