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Thread: Undeletable "config" folder on HDD

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    Undeletable "config" folder on HDD

    I recently started to run my Wii games from an HDD through Wiiflow (I used USBLoader GX before). After I downloaded some covers through the wireless internet connection, I noticed that a folder named "config" appeared on the root of my HDD, but I can't access or delete it because that folder somehow got corrupted.

    The game covers I downloaded were saved on the SD card and, put together, they sum up to about 1.5GB. The undeletable "config" folder is also about 1.5 GB, wich leads me to think that this folder contains duplicates of the game covers or something like that (could be something entirely different, but I can't think of anything else).

    I have already tried doing what the Wiiflow guide suggests:

    Q. Something strange is happening / Worked before but doesn't now / Black Screen When Loading Wiiflow / Anything Else...
    A. Under certain circumstances the config file can get corrupted. Delete wiiflow.ini from ROOT:\wiiflow\ then reboot and reload the program. This
    will generate a new config file and hopefully clear up any issues.

    but I still can't acces or delete this folder. That shouldn't work anyway, since the Wiiflow folders are all on my SD card, and the "config" folder is on my HDD (wich does not contain anything related to Wiiflow).

    I also searched the web for ways of deleting such undeletable files, but none of them worked.

    Does anybody have any idea of what this "config" folder might contain and if/how can I delete it?

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    If all else fails you could always copy everything over
    re-format your drive and copy it back


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