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Thread: D2pro 6-wire install on D2C problem - Red Light on chip

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    Unhappy D2pro 6-wire install on D2C problem - Red Light on chip

    Hello experts,

    I am sorry if this has been posted before, I had searched the fourms and google and was only able to find one similar issue.

    I was able to get the chip installed as per the install diagram offered by D2pro and on first boot, the chip and drive operated as intended. On second boot, was getting the inching problem and discs would not read or eject. After lots of reading and frustration, determined it was a weak solder to point C, after re-soldering point C, I was able to eject the disc and load new ones for several boot cycles, but then the inching problem had returned.

    Before the re-solder, I was able to touch wire C to point C on the board and trigger the drive and chip to start operating. Now, when touchingng wire C to point C, nothing happens. From what I can tell the lead for point C is no longer on the board, removed or damaged because of the resoldering. Have been told I can solder the wire directly to the leg that lead C runs to, but when I do, the red and blue lights flash like I'm getting pulled over for doing 110 in a 55 zone and drive will not respond to ejects.

    Anybody encounter this before? If I remove the chip, the drive operates normally, ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think the drive is dead , de-soldered the chip from the drive and still can't get the disc out and wii does not recognize it. Looks like I'm going to need a new drive

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