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Thread: problem with white wiimote (motion plus built in)

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    problem with white wiimote (motion plus built in)

    hello everyone i hope i can find a solution to this ive tried everything :c

    my sister recently (well, january 2012) bought a black wii, it came with a black wiimote (motion+ built in), in addition she bought a white wiimote (with + built in too) separately. the problem is that that wiimote (the white one) does not work with homebrew apps. the lights keep blinking trying to sync to the wii but nothing happens, they keep that way like for 1 min and then they turn off. the black wiimote works perfect, in all homebrew apps. oh and trying to solve this i installed the usbloader gx channel, to load it without homebrew but it doesnt work either (the white one). this only happens when on usbloader, so when the game is loaded the wiimote syncs again.

    recently (like a week ago) we bought a blue wiimote (motion+ built in too) and it works perfect in all apps, like the black one (this means: homebrew channel, usbloader gx, wii64, snes9x gx (in this one the white wiimote does work), etc).

    the wii is a 4.2 ntsc black one. i havent upgraded it or touched anything that have a relation with upgrading or formating it.

    thanks in advice and keep the good work

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    In the mauifrog softmodding guide, it mentions something about wiimotes purchased after a certain date might have compatibility issues.
    Here's a quote from the guide:
    If your Wii Remote was purchased after November 2011, there is a chance that it may not be compatible with all Homebrew applications. Apps that were compiled prior to March 2012 are not compatible with these remotes. "
    I don't know enough on the subject to give any personal speculation.
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    well actually the wii was purchased after november 2011, as well as both wiimotes (white and blue), but blue is the only that works.

    in fact i have read about that.

    maybe it is the ios? got 249.
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    The Homebrew Channel v1.1.0 describes the issue. any homebrew will need to be linked against the newer libogc. so look for updates. otherwise, you're stuck using the old wiimote until someone updates the application.

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    but then if the hbc updates, will usbloader update as well? because it isnt just hbc :S

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    HBC will auto update, and it works. I also know USB Loader GX has updated to work.

    If you're on version 2.x, you need to manually update to version 3.x (I know right, I had no idea until I did a new mod on my friends Wii and noticed his looked so much cooler).

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    so i just noticed that usbloader gx has updated to 3.0. but i dont know, got 1.0.8 hbc and it tells me if i want to update to 1.1.0. do you recomend to update all apps? i feel unconfident at updating after all this hard work.

    edit: updated usbloader gx to 3.0, now the white wiimote works. now im looking forward if i must or not to update to 1.1.0 hbc in order to make white wiimote to work in there. it seems that the problem come from the apps, if they give support for a specefic type of wiimote.

    thank you very much
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