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Thread: Dont Update from Nintendo?

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    Dont Update from Nintendo?

    sorry if this has been asked before, im so new to this i dont know what anything is called.
    my daughter is playing animal crossing everytime she tries to goto someones town it tells her the "you have been disconnected from wfc" i check the wifi connection and its fine but says to update from nintendo? i know from scanning this top end forum that im not suppossed to do that, i did try searching for update wii but found nothing searching for update gave me an overwhelming amount of posts that i have no idea which is which, our wii is 4.3e softmodded with hbc, please help me work this out

    Communication error. you have been disconnected from Nintendo WI-FI connection
    for help visit
    this is the error she gets, it wont allow her to play with her friends in their towns

    not sure if this point is connected just looked at HBC and i have no HBB on the page im sure it was there?
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    google "nintendo error code 86420"

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    Don't update from Nintendo.

    You should update your softmod, with the softmod any wii guide (link is in the spoiler below).

    This will update all your IOS, cIOS, apps, and install much needed brick protection. Then you will never get a prompt to update again.
    Also, since the guide will update your shop channel, your online gaming will not receive errors anymore.


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