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Thread: Hard Drive Partition Question

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    Hard Drive Partition Question

    Hi all,

    I have a 500gb external HDD, and I want to format it so that I have a 300gb partition formatted as NTFS for use with my pc(so it can hold files greater than 4gb), and the remaining space I wanted to devote to my Wii.
    My question is: should I format the rest as WBFS or FAT32? Or both? If I format with both, how big should the respective partitions be?

    I plan on ripping a few of my Wii games to the external HDD, and I'm going to try to rip some of my old GameCube games to the external. I do have a few older GamecCube games that are unreadable in both my GameCube and Wii, so I plan on looking for a download source and getting them onto my external HDD that way. Well, if that's possible, I haven't really checked yet, and I'm still relatively new to Wii softmodding.

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    You could have the whole drive as ntfs if u have an sd card for the wii for homebrew stuff. If not then i would do fat32 for the partition above wbfs


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