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Thread: Wiimote Won't Connect on HBC

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    Wiimote Won't Connect on HBC

    Hey again,

    I think I ran into a problem. Not sure, but figured I'd post here and make sure before trying to go forward. I've installed the Homebrew Channel, and I'm on Part 3 of the guide. I loaded HBC, pressed the home button, and chose to launch Bootmii. The next step is to make a Nand backup, but I can't connect my Wiimote to my Wii anymore. When I pressed the power button, the blue lights on the bottom of the Wiimote flash a few times, and doesn't connect. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks in advance for any response.

    Disregard. Figured out that the instructions to press the power and reset buttons were to move the cursor. My bad
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