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Thread: Virtual Console Issue after installing MIOSv10

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    Virtual Console Issue after installing MIOSv10

    I wanted to play gamecube backups on my Wii, so I installed the MIOSv10 on my Wii using WiiGatr. The gamecube backups work fine, but now my Virtual Console is messed up! Is there any way to fix or work around this while still being able to play the Gamecube backups?

    EDIT: about 5 seconds after posting this, I realized I should probably go a bit more in-depth about exactly how the VC is messing up. The game loads ok, but the video looks kinda weird and there's no audio whatsoever. The weirdest thing is that when I press the home button, audio returns and the video that can be seen behind the menu looks fine again, and upon closing the home menu, it goes all screwy again.
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