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Thread: Wiiflow Problems.

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    Wiiflow Problems.

    Hey, I'm having some issues with Wiiflow.
    I installed and set it up using this guide, . However, when I click the 'fish bowl like icon', in the words of the game, it doesnt load a Nand emulation, just Wiiflow itself. How do I fix this?
    Secondly, when I copy a game using wiiflow, I can't find the file anywhere. What do I do to get it to show up?
    Finally, in the guide it told me to use Showmiiwads to add my extra back up wads to the nand. I did this, however, they won't show up in Wiiflow. Is this just because my wiiflow emulation isnt working, or is it something else?
    Thank you.

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    Try posting the question in the guide that you followed. It might get answered faster.

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