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Thread: Can't get Neogamma/BackupLoader to run (Full details)

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    Question Can't get Neogamma/BackupLoader to run (Full details)


    As you can see I am new here, but I hope that I can provide you with enough details so helping me will be a lot easier.
    I have a softmodded Wii myself with BackupLoader & all the necessary cIOSes and IOSes installed, that works fine.
    Today I got a request to softmod someone's Wii to be able to play backed up games because they heard mine is softmodded.
    So, I got their Wii and this is basically everything I did & installed in proper order.

    1. Formatted 2GB SD card as FAT
    2. Put a in there with the proper system menu version & mac-address selected (Like I did with my Wii)
    3. Used the IOS236 installer to install IOS236 (obviously)
    4. Installed d2x cIOS, -> d2xv6 installed into [COLOR=#000000][FONT=verdana]IOS248 with base 56 and also into IOS247 with base 57, all went fine (According to this guide: DO NOT POST LINKS TO OUTSIDE GUIDES!
    5. I expected d2x to be a substitute for IOS249(which I failed to install so far, various Wad Managers crashing)
    6. I got the latest version of Neogamma since the Backup Loader simply gave me a Wii crash on trying to start it, but the same happens with Neogamma (So, I start Neogamma/Backup Loader -> black screen, Wiimote lights turn off, Wii doesn't seem to operate anymore -> restart Wii)

    Now, after all of this, I'm wondering what I'm missing, although I fear the worst. I fear that they bought their Wii pretty recently & I read somewhere that these new Wii's come with something in their DVD slot (I don't remember what) that doesn't allow me to run backup disks anymore & as the only alternate solution, the ISO's can be played using USB loader + an external HDD (which would cost a lot to get for these people so..)

    I don't really know where to go from here. Should I try something like cIOSCORP tomorrow?
    By the way, I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread but I'm very tired & I could quite find the proper forum & I felt like a noob so I put it in here.

    Thanks in advance

    - Digaly

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    We don't support outside Guide's , You should follow the Sft Mod Any Wii Guide From here.
    The link is at the bottom of my signature.
    New wii's no longer have support for DVD's, Nintendo made sure of that.
    So,That wii will not be able to play Back-up disc on it, even if you put Cioscorp/Darkcorp in it.
    They only have the option of using a HDD for loading there Iso's.


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