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Thread: FCE Ultra GX performance

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    FCE Ultra GX performance

    I've recently softmodded my 4.3 Wii using the Softmod Any Wii guide and I've installed FCE Ultra GX 3.3.1. I've tried this from both a forwarder channel and direct from the HBC and have noticed significant performance issues. For example in Mega Man 1 there is slowdown anytime I fire 3 shots and have 2 or more enemies on the screen. Likewise in Metroid Samus becomes invisible when taking damage. Are these issues to be expected or have I done something wrong? I have turned off filtering in the video settings but I haven't noticed any performance improvement.

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    Me too

    I'm having the same problems but with Snes9xgx. I'm getting horrible slowdown, especially when playing StarFox


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