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Thread: Can't Delete Channel Properly

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    Can't Delete Channel Properly

    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle here and could really use some help.

    So a long time ago, I followed all sorts of crazy Wii hacking guides, before finally doing Mauifrog's guide. I installed a copy of Cave Story onto my Wii, and gave the Wii to a friend as a gift.

    Fast forward 2 years later, and Cave Story has NEVER booted without a black screen. I now have the Wii again, and am trying to delete the channel but absolutelly nothing is working. I am having a lot of problems with it too, such as;

    - Attempting to delete from the Data Management menu causes the Wii to hang in a never ending loop of "erasing". After I reset the Wii, the channel icon is gone, but the blocks allocated for the channel are still in use by the system, and when I go to Channels in data management it wont display ANYTHING, and I have to reset the Wii.

    - Occasionally I will attempt the above, but the Wii won't even boot to system menu, and I have to reinstall my NAND backup via BootMii, bringing me to square one.

    - Using AnyTitle Deleter 1.1 the system will freeze while "Erasing Title", and I have to reset the system. Channel is still on Wii.

    - Using Wad Manager, selecting the original WAD file I installed with, and selecting delete does the exact same thing as using AnyTitle Deleter.

    - Lastly, attempting to reformat the Wii causes it to hang in a never ending reformat loop. Resetting the Wii yields no result. Nothing was erased at all.

    And that's where I'm at now. I just want to delete this channel and all traces of it from the Wii. If there is anything else I can post that can help us brainstorm a solution let me know. I appreciate any help you guys can offer in advance here.

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    Bumping. I am still having this problem. Any help or insight is appreciated.


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