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Thread: USB Drive of Choice?

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    USB Drive of Choice?

    Just curious, what kind of USB drive is everyone out there using? I'm currently using a WD My Book 500GB drive for my main Wii (AKA, the Wii upstairs that I bought long ago with my hard-earned money and the kids took over on once it was modded correctly and I didn't have to go *gasp* no not the disc...) but I recently purchased a new Wii (used) which I am hoping is a nice old Boot2 virgin Wii. It's going in the basement *mainly* for Netflix, but I will no doubt be Softmodding that one too.

    So, what type of USB drive does everyone have and/or recommend? If only I could set up a SAN that both Wii's could read from....

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    i use seagate goflex freeagent. 500gb and 1tb with no problems. very small, usb powered, no heat issues. never been an issue.

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    Sweet. I really like those drives, personally, but I *thought* that they were problematic for other folks. I'll have to put a "+1" in Seagate's column....


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