Hey. I'm back again, now having issues with wiiflow.
I followed this guide here, http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...ion-guide.html , and I have a couple of issues.
The first is that when I click, in the guides words, the 'fish bowl like icon', all it loads is a wall of wiiflow icons. If I run an icon, it just boots back to wiiflow. It doesnt load my nand emulation. How do I fix that?
The second is that if I back-up a game, it wont appear either. Where has it gone/how do I get it to appear?
Finally, not really an issue with wiiflow itself, but with priiloader, is that I've tried using priiloader forwarder dols, however priiloader cannot locate them. Does anyone have any links to any .dol files they know work?
Thank you.