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Thread: Older soft mod missing bits and in need of updating.....I

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    Older soft mod missing bits and in need of updating.....I

    Hi Guys,
    It has been at least a couple of years since I soft modded my Wii. It's currently on system menu 4.1E. Now it's getting another run and my youngest daughter is interested in playing a relatively new game (Mario and Sonic Olympics), anyway it didn't boot. My assumption as it has been such a long time since I used it in anger that the system needs updating.
    My recollection was that I could do most of that online from the home brew channel but when I go to it there is nothing there. I will add that when I went to the home brew channel for the fist time in ages tonight it updated to a newer version so I don't know if that has had anything to do with it.....
    I used to also be able to use the USB backup launcher with games I have backed up on a USB hard drive and now when I choose that option, I just get a black screen
    Priiloader is installed but has an error when trying to update to .32 rather than the .29 I am on, it tells me IOS60 has a fakesign bug. Pretty sure bootmii is set as boot 2 but not 100% (too much alcohol since I modded it).
    Question is: where to from here?
    Should I start again and soft mod all over again from the beginning or is there something I can do to to shortcut that? I'm not 100% sure what version of the modded firmware I am running (and not sure how to find out) but I originally followed the instructions from you good people here.
    Any help much appreciated as my daughter is all over me to get the game working that she got from her big sister as a birthday gift.....the pressure is on!
    It's been so long since I messed around with it I'm back to noob status!
    Many thanks,

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    Cool. That's all I needed to know.


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