I am having an issue with an old wii (original 2006 model)that has a softmod. The wii in question uses a 4.1u system with softmod updated up to recent standards (as per recent v12 of the guide). It has a bootmii install as boot2 and was able to run the NAND backup that it has (Old backup of when it was originally modded) as well as the exploit to unbrick it without the NAND backup (through wadmanger + system4.1u/IOS 60 patch). In both instances Priiloader is installed and runs smoothly without any issues.

The issue is that even after both methods were used the wii randomly shows a black screen on startup, the controler still works (blue LEDs flash and it connects properly) and the controler even shut downs the wii properly. After turning it on/off a variety of times the system loads normally without any issues but eventually fails again. No issues are detected during gameplay (be it disc, USB, or SD through SNES ROMs) and the issue only happens randomly when it boots up. When the wii is shut down either through the controler or the main power button a loud noise happens as would happen when you force shutdown on a game freeze, the wii will allow reset or ejection of game disc normally. The error ocurrs with or without a disc inserted be it a DVD backup or actual wii game.

Any ideas as to what this issue is and how to fix it?