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Thread: hello and need help... :( ..

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    hello and need help... :( ..

    hello guys .. well i wanted to hack my wii ... i want to download games (i know you guys dont do piracy im not asking where i can get em ) and play them
    i currently installed Homebrew Channel .. and well i thought that was it ..
    this are the things i wanna know and if some one can show me how to do it

    what else do i need to install or do to be able to play downloaded games ..
    what type of DVD do it need to burn it
    what program can i burn em with.

    thank you very much ....
    my wii version its 4.1u

    hope some one can help me .. .... thats the site i use to download the homebrew.. idk whats that ..

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    Dont think it matters if you don't want to know where to get the games from. Piracy just isn't tolerated.

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    What he said ^ , thread closed


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