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Thread: Pack a Savegame Manager GX save into a .bin file a NEW wii can use?

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    Question Pack a Savegame Manager GX save into a .bin file a NEW wii can use?

    I recently had a soft-modded Wii (4.3U) completely brick out on me. Before it totally crashed I was able to extract the Animal Crossing: City Folk save file, and naturally it was extracted as a set of files (including the .dat file). It's an amazing game save that was created without hacking, and has more than 3 years in it.

    I would like to buy a brand new Wii and without doing any softmodding be able to get this save file into it, without homebrew or anything like that. My best guess would be to find either a Mac or Windows program capable of re-packing this set of files into a .bin file the Wii would readily accept through the Wii settings / save data menu.

    I know it is somehow possible, because I found this save file page on (Wii Save - Nintendo Wii Game Saves > Animal Crossing 100% Data.bin) that has a data.bin file for download, and users have commented that it works without doing anything to the Wii. I also know that this save is normally not possible to copy OUT of the wii onto SD, but maybe it would work going IN?

    If anyone could help me get this file into a brand new Wii without modding or homebrew that would be great! I also have an old NAND from the crashed Wii if anyone needs to extract whatever data from that, though the NAND is much older than my ACCF backup save.

    EDIT: [I do have a Super Smash Brothers Brawl disc as well, I know people have used that to do things without modding the Wii, so if that helps any I would like to know]

    EDIT 2: [I ended up buying a new Wii and installing HBC and Savegame Manager GX again to install the save file, I could not find the solution to my problem anywhere.]

    Here is a screenshot of the Savegame manager GX "save files" it created from the ACCF save file extraction:Screenie.jpg
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    Hmmm..I don't know anything about Savegame Manager GX, not really sure what the benefit is, since you can copy save games directly the the SD card and, I believe (haven't tried it) transfer them to a different Wii.

    Now I understand that this doesn't help you whatsoever, just stating my inadequacies in the face of requested assistance! Hey, at least I'm honest....

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