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    Xenoblade Chronicles

    Does anyone have any trouble running xenoblade chronicles off of a external harddrive on the wii? Ive seen similar cases of people having the same problem as me in certain threads but no solution. Im crashing on certain cutscenes. The game is in wbfs format and ive tested with neogamma, wiiflow, usb loader gx, configurable usb loader. (Harddrive is in fat32).

    Edit: I used the the tutorial here on hacking my wii, IOS58 v24.32

    Edit 2: I confirm that this has to be converted into an ISO and played on ntfs format.
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    I have personally only used USB Loader GX for playing wbfs games, so I can only help using that one, When I was playing the PAL Fatal Frame II what I had to do to get it to run correctly was this:

    After selecting the game from the list, it displays the Disc Art and there is a "settings" tab near that disc somewhere beneath it, click that. In these settings the very top option should be "Game Load", select that. Now there is an option "Video Mode", cycle that until it says FORCE NTSC or FORCE PAL (choose YOUR region, not the region of the disc), then remember to save the settings. I hope this helps. Let me know!


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