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Thread: CFG loader fonts not readable + other troubles, please help!

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    CFG loader fonts not readable + other troubles, please help!

    Hey guys,

    So I used modmii and successfully softmodded machine. I also have a hardmod on my wii as well (got it done back in Spring 2009)

    Well, so I installed CFG loader, and all the functions work. However, all the text that describes the options are just squares. I suspect the fact that my wii is a Korean wii is causing the troubles?

    What can I do to solve the problem?


    I am currently using usb-loader GX. Most games work great. However, some of the games do not boot. I suspect that it was the video options causing it this way, as my Twilight Princess game works with Neogamma when I force NTSC. However, even when I force NTSC on USBloader GX, it doesn't work.

    Mario Galaxy 2 is causing a straight-up black screen as well.

    And finally...

    how do I put openloader gx, or cfg loader onto my home screen? I've googled and found the directions a little bit difficult to follow.

    Help a newbie please.

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    Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide, as it will have you install the latest cIOS packages and make sure everything is complete and kosher. It's the tried and true method for safely Softmodding your Wii to produce the best results. I also believe that the Softmod Any Wii guide will also walk you through installing the forwarder for CFG. Not sure about GX, though...


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