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Thread: Most reliable external hard drives?

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    Most reliable external hard drives?

    I just modded my wii a few days ago and have been using a tiny 4gb flash drive to test out my games. That's way too small for all of my games so I was wondering, based of everyone's experience, what is the most reliable external hard drive. Most of the reviews rave about how great it is at first but few, if any, go into reliability over time. I don't need a hard drive clunking out on me every year because I play it everyday. I was thinking of

    Western Digital My Passport 320 GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard
    Drive - WDBKXH3200ABK-NESN (Black)

    It seems good for the price.
    Any input is appreciated, thanks

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    If your sticking to loading only wii games from it ,then that will work out fine.(Counting on the amount of Games you Own)

    Now if your going to be loading Gamecube games from it,Then you are going to need something bigger and is Compatible with both.

    I Have three HDD's, One is a 2TB WD and only loads Wii games...The second one is 500Gb WD this one plays both GC/Wii games...The third one plays both as well and is a HP 500.

    They are on the Compatibility List.
    It comes down to...what you are going to be loading from it,Remember you can also load movies/emulator's from the drive's as well.
    More space=More option's.

    I had the 2 WD for a couple of years now, the 2tb for a year and some change and the 500 gb for2 years.
    I also got a 320gbHDD WD hooked up to my CPU and had that for 2years or so.

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    I didn't even think about gamecube game compatibility, I figured it was all compatible. So I'll find one that works with everything and maybe even upgrade on the size a bit. If I can't find anything I'll be happy with just playing wii games. The satisfaction of loading a wii game from something besides the disk is great enough


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