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Thread: #004 Error fix, semi bricked (4.3), opera, bad dvd-drive

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    #004 Error fix, semi bricked (4.3), opera, bad dvd-drive

    If you got a wii that's semi-bricked, (mine was Japan version), your drive won't read discs, and the semi brick was caused by a 4.3 update (you get #004 error) can't really install anything - don't panic - yet.

    #004 error - prevents you using bannerbomb because your system menu is 4.3
    your dvd drive won't read discs so you can't use any discs exploits

    in order to fix your wii you need to have homebrew channel installed
    the only way to install HBC is using the letterbomb exploit (trust me, no other methods will work)

    it requires you to provide your MAC address but you can't go to system settings to read your mac address because you get the opera error
    so, the trick is to:

    - go to your data managment, saved games, copy the saved data file (any game) on to a SD card
    - download FE100 (fe100 key grabber)
    - open fe100keygrabber.exe
    - load the saved data file and read the mac address
    - go to
    - select the system menu that you wii was updated(semi-bricked) to (not the original version wii was) (if you don't know, well prepare and download all four)
    - enter your wii
    - copy that to the sd card
    - go to wii main menu and select messages
    - go to the yesterdays daye (mine was set on 2007 and it's 2012, so select the calendar and quickly go to the current year/month)
    - click on the bomb
    - there you go, install bootmii and homebrew channel and continue doing what you were doing (un-semi-bricking/softmodding)

    IF your wii freezees when clicking on the bomb - just go to the next file you downloaded from (eu, usa, jpn, kor), one of them will work, it happens because you chosen the wrong region

    this was pretty much said before excluding the "how-to see your mac address if you have a semi bricked wii and can't go to console options" so i thought this could be useful to somebody
    this is also a quick solution for #004 error fix if you're trying to softmod

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    Another thing you may be able to do, if the wii retains its connectivity, is go to your router settings, and take a look at your DHCP client list. It's mac address should be displayed there.

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