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Thread: GameCube AR codes with Ocarina

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    GameCube AR codes with Ocarina

    I've recently learned that Action Replay codes can be converted to work with the Ocarina, but I'm not so sure how to use it.
    I have the two programs to convert: gcncrypt (AR Codes decryption) and ARtoWiiRD (AR Code decryption to Ocarina code). These two programs are on the computer.

    1) I don't know where the .gct file should be located. I'm using Configurable USB Loader (CFG) and DIOS MIOS 2.2.
    Should the path be usb:/codes/[GAMEID].gct or sd:/codes/[GAMEID].gct?

    2) Some code conversions result in only a one-line code.
    For example:


    3) Are games required to have the master code in order for the codes to be enabled?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    I don't Understand

    When you join the Site you are asked to read the Rules and Agree to them.
    So why are you asking about cheating??

    We can not help you....please Refer to the Rules.
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