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Thread: IOS58 v24.32 (where i'm I ???)

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    Question IOS58 v24.32 (where i'm I ???)

    hello every one

    i'ts my first poste on this community

    i baught a used wii (unhacked) and i successfully hacked it using (Wii: How to Softmod) on youtube and it's working fine

    now what i wana know is which version of IOS i'm on now???

    on the homebrew channel it's written

    IOS58 v24.32

    and on priiloader v0.7 it's written:

    IOS v80
    System menu v514

    please explain these numbers and what version of wads and apps should i download for compatibilities because moste of the homebrews says that this is for IOS222, IOS249 and IOS250

    so what should i chose since that some apps are not working for me (auto close then reteurn to wii menu)

    and if my current config is not so good please advice me which version chould i upgrade/downgrade

    help me please i'm a little noobe

    sorry and thanX in advance...

    best regards


    My wii version is 4.3U
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    Here you will know everything about IOS and cIOS.
    If You do not know do you have proper cIOS installed please follow Guide: Softmod ANY Wii by Mauifrog.


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