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Thread: WiiMC stopped working - "Exception (DSI) occurred!"

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    WiiMC stopped working - "Exception (DSI) occurred!"

    I have a softmodded Wii with WiiMC installed. WiiMC worked just fine not too long ago, but while I was watching an .flv movie from my HDD (what I had done several times before with no problems whatsoever), it just froze. The image of the video froze too, but the sound kept going. I later tried to watch the video on my PC and the same thing happened (frozen image, normal sound), so it's probably an issue with the .flv itself.

    The thing is that when that problem occurred, WiiMC froze and none of the Wiimote buttons worked. I then reset the console but since then when I try to watch some .flv videos (the same ones I could watch normally before), I get a black screen saying "Exception (DSI) occurred!" with tons of very long codes below it. Since this screen reloads in 8 seconds, it would be impossible to take note of all the codes. I haven't been able to determine why only some of the .flv videos freeze.

    Does anybody have any idea of what might have happened and how to fix it? Could reinstalling WiiMC fix the problem?

    Here's the syscheck:


    And the IOS Syscheck:


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    I would start with reinstalling WiiMC with the latest version.

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