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Thread: DarkWii White Theme

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    DarkWii White Theme

    Ive looked and had no luck and Im not sure If this is the right place to post but Im looking for a wad. I have found the wad for the DarkWii theme. Thats not the one I am looking for. The difference between the two is the DarkWii wii them has like a blue color to it and the DarkWii White Theme has white instead of the blue. I am looking for a wad file for the DarkWii White Theme. Can somebody point me in the right direction.

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    Are you sure you want to install a theme.If you dont have bootmii as boot2 dont do this really.Cause there is a high chance you can brick your Wii with themes.If you really want it,just put mymenuify into your apps folder and browse trough themes.Dont install that theme before looking which firmware that theme wants.Also installing themes remove your priiloader or preloader.
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    And also be aware that if you reinstall the white wii menu that may remove priiloader.

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