Hi everybody
I'm quite new in the forums, but I have a softmodded wii for 3 years now... I am very pleased with my wii, I have no intention to sell it or let someone have it, AKA I love my wii
In the past few months I have started wondering, if I could burn wii ISOs on a DVD-RW or +RW and then, if the ISO does not work, reburn it... I have spent a Huge amount of money for DVD-Rs and I know how to burn, but if I have to continue buying new DVD-Rs, because some ISOs won't work, I'd be off buying the originals, and that'd be very bad, because in my country you can't even buy good games anymore without having to buy them online, which I'm not sure if it works, yada yada... Politics these days xD
But yeah, does it work?