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Thread: error 204036 installing Netflix from Shop Channel - Solution without reformatting

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    error 204036 installing Netflix from Shop Channel - Solution without reformatting

    I have a softmod 4.1u and first was hadn't used/updated the Netflix Channel in some time. I recently tried using it and it told me I needed to get the latest version on the Wii Shop Channel. When I went to the Wii Shop Channel I would get the blue screen error#002. So I updated IOS56 using Multi-Mod Manager 13.4 thinking this would fix it. Well, it fixed the Wii Shop Channel blue screen error but now I was getting error 204036 when trying to download Netflix. All of the solutions I found involved reformatting my Wii which was out of the question for me.

    The solution I found was to download the latest Netflix WAD (v1024), use Wad Manager (load IOS 56), first UNinstall the Netflix WAD, then install it.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.

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    Have the exact same problem, Tried loading was 1024 and it turns on than get an error screen saying that this disc is no longer supported, that i need to download it from the shop channel? i uninstalled the last version, but no luck.
    Anyone else have this issue and or know how to fix it, been a long while since we busted the wii out, so my memory is a bit flakey as well lol

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    never mind, i loaded the wrong wad, works now,

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    All this info is in the Netflix for Dummies guide HERE. Figured I would post a link to it for anyone else who may run across this thread.

    Thread Closed.


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