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Thread: NTSF .wad + cios/ios for ww/vc via usb

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    Us NTSF .wad + cios/ios for ww/vc via usb

    Okay, first forum post ever; if I'm not in the proper posting area kindly let me know....

    Okay I just got into modding, I used Mircowavesam's youtube letter bomb guide to install the homebrew channel. I think I've got everything done with the basics. My HBC is upside down but I that's a non-concern currently.

    What I'm wanting to know is what I need to do to get my .Wad ww/vc from my computer using one of my usb's onto my wii. I've looked through this site and the web but it seems like I keep getting redirected to having to install cios/ios files onto my wii before I can use my usb; but the guides aren't clearly telling me how to do this, or I'm getting confused by them.

    SO, 1.) What all do I need to do step by step to install the correct cios/ios?
    2.) Which one's will I need?
    3.) What exactly do I do with them once download, (preferably from my wii, if possible)?
    4.) How do I need to set up my .wad file unto my already formatted FAT32 usb so I can finally enjoy it????
    5.) What will I need to do to set-up my usb device/.wad onto my wii???

    I can follow these guides but I need to know which one's to do in a correct order and they have too let me know how to do what I need to do by a step-by-step basis.. as you can tell I'm more a video tutorial kinda guy... -_-

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should use the our guide here and not failtube. Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide from start to finish without skipping any steps and you will have everything you need. Link in my sig!

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