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Thread: Help MY Wii Hangs After Exiting From Game In USB Loader GX!!!!!

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    Help MY Wii Hangs After Exiting From Game In USB Loader GX!!!!!

    Hi I just installed USB Loader GX, works fine in launching the games. But once I choose to exit a game to return to Wi menu, my system hangs and I will have to unplug and plug back the power cable. I do not have this similar problem with Wiiflow though. I am using a 3.5" ext hdd for my games. Thanks
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    Don't unplug your wii next time just hold the power button in until the wii shuts off, as for the loader it has a setting to restart the loader or go to the wii menu or HBC when you quit playing a game you can try changing that setting.

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    Hi IBe6Ube9 where am I to go to change that setting? I am new to USB Loader GX so am not really how to change it. Thanks for replying.

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    Hi bro I have figured it out and partially resolved the issue, there is a Return To option under Loader options. I can choose where I want to exit to after playing any game. There is a lengthy list such as HBC, Wiiflow etc, but unfortunately there is nothing on Wii menu. As of now I have set it to HBC. So after exiting from my game, I will get return to HBC 1st and from there exit to Wii menu. Anyway to add Wii menu among the list?
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