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Thread: problem with twilight hack

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    problem with twilight hack

    hi everyone
    has anyone ever come across the problem of twilight not being copied.
    It just says data was not copied when trying to copy to system menu.I have had a save game and deleted it to install twilight but still data was not copied.
    can anyone help please

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    someone else in this forum had the same issue. They downloaded from a different site a .exe hack that resolved this issue. If i find the post in the forum i'll come back and link it.

    What firmware are you on? 3.4?

    ok. found it....... You may just need to delete the data.bin files and rename twilight.bin to data.bin......
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    You might have system update 3.4. If you do, you need the twilight hack 3.4.

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    Thumbs up

    I sorted it with your kind help I did need twilight 3.4 I then did a downgrade to 3.3e job done
    thanks for your help

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    I would recommend downgrading to 3.2 so you can play brickblocked and scrubbed games and install Starfall. 3.2 is the best for homebrew.


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