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Thread: problems with wii64 please someone help !!!

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    Unhappy problems with wii64 please someone help !!!

    hi i have HBC and softmod useing brawl and i havent had any problems with emulators or my roms/iso untill i tried wii64 i just cant get it to work right it loads the app i select the rom it loads the rom (using sd card for app and roms) after it loads the rom i press start game and nothing happens it just stays there dosent freze or anything then i see resume game in the menu list and when i press that the screen blinks black for less that a second and just goes back to the wii64 menu. ive tried useing the usb and anytime i try the usb i get a error telling cannot find the rom folder in the usb i tried in the root of the usb and the app forlder with wii64 in it still nothing only way i can get it to try to load a rom is with the sd but it will never run the game. please someone help me out ive been trying over 3 months now by myself what am i doing wrong? P.S. Ive tried a lot of roms from a lot of sites and its all the same there's only a few that i want to play but all i really want to play is starfox64 and Zelda

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    screw it i give up i tried formatting my sd and just putting wii64 on it still the same thing it dosent matter what rom i use it keeps doing it idk if its a ios or what but i give up


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