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Thread: help with updatting wii

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    help with updatting wii

    hi all i have been looking around your site but am still a bit confushed i have a wii that is on 4.1e it has the following installed

    4.1e systerm menu
    preloader the one with the white screen
    homebrew channiel
    boot mii as ios only

    my question is i would like to update everything as it is all out of date as this was done a long time ago i would like to be on 4.3e with all updated softmods i no i could make my wii a vergin again and start all over but dont no if there is a better option if so could some one post a link to aguide for me am

    kind regards thanks indavance

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    Go to this Link.-->Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.
    Please read That Guide A Few times ,then Proceed.

    You will not have to delete anything, everything will be over written.


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