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Thread: Wii Bricked after Pimp my Wii, how do i fix?

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    Wii Bricked after Pimp my Wii, how do i fix?

    Good day.

    I have bought a soft modded wii a week ago. It is running system menu 4.1u, and has preloader 0.29 installed. It's configurable usb loader is running, but it can't load games on fat32 usb disk, so I updated the iosfiles by running PIMP MY WII through the homebrew channel.

    After pimp updated the ioses, i reboot my wii, but now it can't load the system menu, i get an error (system files are corrupt), but I can still load preloader and run my usb loader from there. Homebrew Channel cannot run in preloader, i will get an autoboot hbc error, even if i installed it with Hackmii (HBC runs only in Hackmii).

    Is there a safe way to fix this banner brick? Im not sure which method to use for my problem, modmii or dopmii?
    Im just worried about my preloader if it gets removed , as that is my only way to run my wii. Do i need to update my system menu to 4.3 in order to fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
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