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Thread: Bricked wii? Black screen, Wii 4.3U at bottom right corner.

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    Bricked wii? Black screen, Wii 4.3U at bottom right corner.

    So I guess I did something wrong when modding my Wii. Now every time I start up my Wii, it goes black with a "Wii 4.3U" or something like that in the bottom right corner.
    I have Priiloader installed and Bootmii -I think-. So I went to bootmii and tried to restore my backup, but it kept saying something was wrong with the Bootmii installation. So I was trying to use dopmii to fix it, but I can't find a system 4.3U.wad file and I don't want to take the chance of using 4.1U when I'm on 4.3U. Also, I can go to WAD manager on 80 but 249 and 250 don't seem to work.

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    Go in to Priiloader and change the setting "Force Standard Recovery Mode" to Disable.
    Power on your wii, then Press and hold the reset button .
    Priiloader will pop up ,then go to System menu hacks and disable "Force Standard Recovery Mode" .
    Save and exit.

    Then go here and post a system check.-->How To Post A System Check
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