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Thread: adding Netflix & emulator missing covers

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    adding Netflix & emulator missing covers

    i use wiiflow & usb launcher gx on each of my 2 machines & i'm more than happy with the service that gametdb provides but am a little lost when it comes to adding custom sleeve art.

    i know to delete the cache once new art is placed in the source folders for each app but it's the 4 digit game/app codes that have me stumped.

    i've searched the downloadable gametdb text file in addition to noting the unknown titles through the homebrew any title deleter but for some reason i'm unable to find the right code to replace the ugly big question mark that appears where the shiny red netflix branding should be.

    netflix (HCLE) is the biggy that makes little sense since it was downloaded through the shopping channel so i'm assuming is a pretty popular app - so why no cover in the gametdb?

    there are a couple of emulators - wii64 & another which i'm looking to find the correct game id codes for and am keen to find a definitive list to finally sort out my sleeve issues.

    many thanks in anticipation. i'm sure it's a simple solution but a couple of weeks of googling has my head in a spin with info-overload : /


    update ... for some reason a change to lowercase got wii64 showing properly, unfortunately Netflix didn't. this is puzzling
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