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Thread: Wasnt able to play Mario Party 9

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    Wasnt able to play Mario Party 9

    I had my wii softmoded using the guide on the tutorial section, today i wanted to try DarkCORP, so i installed. im not sure if DarkCORP turn off the wii when its done, but i only saw till 90% then i turned arround and when i watched back, Wii was on system menu, i tried most of my backups and they work okay thorugh disc channel, then i tried Mario Party 9. and was giving me Unable to read disc (Game works okay though neogamma and uloader), the thing is i started to try most of the hacks on priiloader, and after several times, games loaded into disc channel but game error #002, so i disabled "force games to run under 249" i kept trying and after a while! game was working perfectly.. after that i disabled all hacks. and game kept working perfectly? so what did i do? i need to know. because i will be doing my brother and my cousins wii, so i dont want to fuck around with those wii..

    I know what people think of DarkCORP, i know the consecuences. just help me with my problem dont tell me to use loaders.
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