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Thread: Getting my old NTSC gamecube games to run on my wii.

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    Getting my old NTSC gamecube games to run on my wii.

    Right, so here's my situation:
    I want to run NTSC gamecube games (that I have in physical format, not on my computer or anything, just legit gamecube games), I have 2 wiis (both PAL) atm, one that is completely clean and all, the other one has gone through some modding and what-not that I'm not completely sure of. I wouldn't have anything against modding my clean wii as long as I can still play PAL games on it.
    I'm in the process of moving and haven't been able to launch my wii yet so I'm not 100% sure of the version or contents of my modded wii but here's what I know: it has homebrew and some USB Loader GX application, I previously played games on it by "saving" them onto an NTSF harddrive and then playing them through the USB Loader GX app. However, this was back in 2009-ish so I'm not sure if all of that stuff is obsolete now.
    I have searched the forum a bit and I'm sorry if this can just be answered with a thread that already exists but I'm just a bit worried about diving into stuff when my wii has already been modded and I really don't wanna mess up my clean one. Also a lot of the posts I found were pretty old and I just wanna make sure I do what currently works. So, anybody who can help me out?
    PS: I can get my wii running in less than a day so information (version etc.) will come if needed!

    Edit: is it even possible? Let me know if it is(n't)
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    Have a look here for your answer.-->Playing Gamecube Backups

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