Hello, My problem is that my USB loader GX is not reading my USB stick. However WiiFlow CFG loader and NeoGamma are. the reason i wish to use USB loader over the other programs is that i read that its got a auto aspect ratio option that will make my games full screen, currently there is a black bar that sarrounds me top bottom left and right of my screen.

Im really new to the forum and would very much like help and feedback, also if anyone has any suggestions on things i should get updates or anything.

i followed a guide to Softmod http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...d-any-wii.html
I do not know if its out of date or anything but i have evrything in this guide so that is ModPack.zipModPack.md5 and APP-PACK-V4.zip

so im current as of the guide and thoes packs

Thank you in advance