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Thread: Bought a preowned wii that came with wiibrew but no sd card

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    Bought a preowned wii that came with wiibrew but no sd card

    Hi All

    As the title suggests i've just bought a preowned wii and its booted into a priiloader v0.1 theres no sd card in the device or one supplied. The wii boots in to system menu 4.1E fine and seems to play gamecube games fine.

    All i bought the wii for was playing my old gamecube games and i'm planning on getting skyward sword and maybe some other wii games in the future. I'm not particularly interested in homebrew but as long as i'm not doing anything illegal i dont mind either keeping it.

    I dont seem to be able to go on the shopping channel the wii just restarts and goes to the health and safety screen.

    Basically i'm just wondering what would be best to do. I hope that makes sense, priiloader says the IOS is v60 and SystemMenu is v450 if that helps.

    Many Thanks

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    Priiloader is doing its job and blocking updates. You need an ios update and need to update your shop channel as well. If you don't want to fully mod your wii, do a search for the guide "update all your ios" and then the guide "update wii shop channel to v20". If you do decided to fully mod, follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide below in my sig. It will do everything above plus some.

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