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    Hello and thanks for reading. About 2 years ago we bought a wii and paid our friend to hack it. we have wii flow and homebrew, but he changed homebrew to work off the sd card as an emulator for N64 games, but it never worked. Recently the wii has been simply not turning on, a lot of our games have not been loading on wii flow that did in the past, and it will just shut off mid game. When we try to go to settings we get a black screen and have to restart. im not sure what our wii software version is but i know its low, because that is all he could use when he hacked it (i think its 2. something... maybe 3 but i doubt it) we can not connect to the internet through our wii at all because it will update and lose our 'hack' or so he told us. we have a 1 terabyte external harddrive and a 4gb sd card. also we have to disconnect and reconnect our hard drive everytime we change games. i dont know what to do, we cant even add new games since most need version 4. whatever, and i would like to completely update our wii and be able to use the internet for netflix etc, would love NES, SNES, N64 emulators and some new games. i am completely clueless about everything having to do with hacking this wii. i read through a lot of the tutorials and still... like a foreign language... so help? i have no idea where to even begin!! right now its simply a $400 paper weight thank you for any help!!
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    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide in its entirety. That's a good place to start. Link to it is below in my sig.

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    im really trying to follow the instruction, but HBC says it is downloading the update and at about 30% it says error and cannot finish download. i am so confused. i still cant get into my wii system settings. just a black screen.

    I DID IT!!!! YAYYY! im not as stupid as i thought i was! the only thing is that the WiiMC said it needed to update, or wouldnt work with the current update? now that i am connected to the internet (yayy netflix is working!) should i update it? will it let me play dvds and cds etc? i clicked on the more info tab thing but the page wouldnt load. thanks so much all you geniuses on here!!
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