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Thread: I found some sweet software you can buy to get homebrew great for newbs like myself=S

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    Cool I found some sweet software you can buy to get homebrew great for newbs like myself=S

    So Ive had a wii now for about 2 years now, ive gotten sick of buying games for it cause I cant afford any =/ decided to use familys net to DL games, this website listed below is a company that sells software coded specifically on discs so you can just chuck it in the slot and have it install, It works similarly to having a memory card and using Super smash bros brawl but you dont need the memory card or anything. The best thing about it is that it offers updates (not dead) to keep it running smoothly, its really just makes the method a whole lot simpler for anyone not willing to buy the game itself. Im 100% certain alot of you will shun this but I found it to be much cheaper and quicker than buying the game since it costs 80 bucks pre-owned in australia anyways heres the link, check it out. do or dont get it but consider it. its damn useful lol Link looks funny =S <<Removed OutSide Link>>
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    You were ripped off and you should request your money back.

    You could have came here and you could have mod your system for free.
    You should also read This and Look at This.

    Piracy is Not Supported Here.

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