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Thread: Gamecube Hardware Installer???

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    Lightbulb Gamecube Hardware Installer???

    I have a softmodded Black Wii on 4.3U (the ones incompatible with gamecube hardware)
    Is there a place or website that can install gamecube hardware in my Wii without losing the softmod?
    I just wanna play some GC games


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    The likelihood is that even if that was possible it would end up being more expensive then buying a used backwards compatible wii.

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    It's entirely possible that if you have a gamecube, you could desolder the gamecube ports, and resolder them on to your wii motherboard, I know there is a tutorial of how to de-solder wii gamecube ports and solder them on to a different mobo, and since the hardware *should* be the same as the gamecube, salvaging them off a gamecube should work too.

    however, that is very impractical. I have a new black wii and I simply replaced the motherboard with an old boot2 compatiable motherboard which also has gamecube ports.

    If you do buy a second hand motherboard, chances are you will get boot2 compatibility too which is a bonus in like 10 other areas too.


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