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Thread: problems installing cioscorp on wii LU15; wtf does "ret -1" mean?

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    problems installing cioscorp on wii LU15; wtf does "ret -1" mean?

    dear all:

    1. i was having problems installing cioscorp on wii LU15, and

    2. what does ret -1 mean?

    please return any input you may have.

    i have the latest wii 4.3 firmware, and i need help installing my cioscorp 3.6 app so i can play backup discs.

    -schaun v

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    4.3 needs darkcorp 1.1, cioscorp 3.6 does not work.

    ret -1 means that the installer tried to find a file on sd and did not find it, possibly the file is not there or the card is badly formatted.

    FYI, cioscorp/darkcorp, modchips, and disc loading in general are old outdated methods that are no longer used and hardly supported. Get a compatible HDD and load your games via usb loader.
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    thanks, b. i guess that settles it.

    btw, how do you u close this thread?


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    Thread Closed at the request of the Thread starter.

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