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Thread: Need help finding Wiiflow on Homebrew after deleting.

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    Need help finding Wiiflow on Homebrew after deleting.

    My Wiiflow channel stopped working after 1+ year of working properly. It was freezing on the early "please wait...." screen.
    So, I decided to try to uninstall/reinstall Wiiflow.
    First, I went to Homebrew and deleted Wiiflow from there. Then I deleted the "channel" from my Wii menu. (either, or both of which I now understand may have been mistakes on my part).
    Now I'm lost. I can't figure out where on Homebrew to reload Wiiflow and to reinstall it. I thought I'd find it in homebrew_browser, but either it's not there or I'm not bright enough to find it.
    Can anybody point me in the right direction on the step(s) needed to finish my Wiiflow reinstall?? Thanx in advance.
    updated: I pulled the SD card and re-installed the files. Once I restarted Homebrew, Wiiflow was right back on top of the first page. However, now it's not getting past the "Please plug a USB HDD on port 0 or press Reset" screen. I used to see that screen occasionally, but it was always bypassable if I simply restarted my Wii. Now, it's every time I try to load wiiflow.
    I found the following thread ->
    and will try that recommended repair tomorrow, although I'm not sure its the exact same problem.
    (since I'm now off the original topic, I would rather just delete this whole post, but that doesn't seem to be an option for me.)
    again, any recommended help is always appreciated.
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    You need to place the wiiflow app in the apps folder on your sd card. If you want the channel back you will need to put the channel wad in the wads folder on your sd card and use one one of the wad managers to install it.

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    If everyone would just follow the softmod any wii guide, these problems would never be asked how to fix.


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