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Thread: Which games have firmware updates

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    Which games have firmware updates

    Hey can anyone find a list of all the wii games that have firmware updates in them. I want to know because I don't want to waste any dvd-r's because I like to patch them before I burn.

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    -.- im getting sick of this topic

    Vandetta im not gonna be rude, im gonna teach you the lesson of common sense

    MANY people dont have wifi its a problem posted here all the time
    MANY people dont play every single last game
    EVERY game has required IOS's and firmware updates to use

    what is the ONLY effective way to help those people out?

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    1. what does wifi have to do with anything about my question

    2. I know not everyone has played every single game but a whole community can, and there for I was hoping that there was a list somewhere that can tell me which games have firmware updates.

    If not then someone should get on it because I think it is useful info to know which games have it.

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    enjoy reading room, topic closed


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