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Thread: Help with WiiFlow getting stuck

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    Help with WiiFlow getting stuck

    I had my Wii Modded with HBC and NeoGamma. I wanted to install WiiFlow since it was easier for my 5 year old to find the games by the cover pictures, instead of reading it on NeoGamma. (My games are on a WBFS harddrive)

    I was able to install it just fine on my SD card. When I tried to install a WAD for WiiFlow so that it could be loaded from the main Wii Channels (as opposed to going through HBC), I ran into some trouble. WiiFlow takes a long time to load, and the games skip or get stuck.

    I had to do some updates and other installers, and I'm not sure if I accidentally changed something that I wasn't supposed to. I deleted the WiiFlow from my SD Card and downloaded another version and it seemed to speed up the loading process, but the games still get stuck. I also deleted the WAD channels.

    I'm extremely frustrated. What is the easiest way to fix this? Is there away to restore the default mod settings?

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    Okay, here's my take. I'm not clear what the problem is, so here are some steps below to help isolate

    Troubleshooting this one:
    1. Does the problem occur only when launchig wiiflow using the forwarder channel or from HC as well?
    2. What guide did you use to mod your wii, and when?
    3. Read this and post a syscheck here.
    4. Just for giggles, can you please give Confirurable USB Loader Mod a try. To be clear, wiiflow is a fine loader, and many folks use it. Config is just my choice & it would help in troubleshooting if nothing else.
    5. What media are you using to store apps on, & HD specs/format/etc.

    This should help us figure out which direction to send you.

    PS, I have 2 small kids, 6 & 8 and have used configurable (with lots of lockdowns) for them for a couple years now. I actually have mine set to autoboot right to config, bypassing the system menu all together. More gooder.


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