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    viewing online streaming flash online

    Hey all haven't been online in forever...I was thinking about getting blockbuster online which is like netflix BUT you can drop your movies off as well at the store for quicker mail service....well they also have an online streaming service which is included....would I b able to use my softmodded Wii to do this? The requirements to stream to a pc are Adobe flash player 10 and a major browser..opera not supported though... I am only interested in streaming the videos not to do them its fine really if I have to enlarge the screen a nd view it on the browsers window etc...I remember a while back not able to view megavideo youTube etc etc ..has anything new developed? Like I said haven't been on in a while....was wondering their was any homebrew or impossible to use Firefox etc.. or a media program.. I am not looking to b able to stream from the pc(my computer is downstairs) and I wouldn't want have to go downstairs every time I want to watch a movie with my Wii upstairs... I know there are now official hulu and netflix channels so mayby something. unofficial? T.y.
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