I looked around for any information regarding this but I have not found much. I recently installed USBLoader GX and have been installing my own games onto a 500GB Seagate GoFlex portable HDD. After installing Super Smash Brothers Brawl I decided to test the game at which point I noticed that the audio that comes from the wiimote speaker does not work. For example when selecting a character i hear an attempt at reproducing audio whch becomes crackled an/or just stops. (if I pick Wolf he says "playtime......" instead of "playtimes over"), I reset the wii and the loaded my actual game disc and the wiimote audio works flawlessly. Does anyone know if this is an inherent problem with USB Loaders or is there anything I can do to get this audio working. I have an USA NTSC wii running system menu 3.2U that was softmodded many years ago. Id like to run games off the HDD but if there is going to be issues then I'll stick to using my game discs. I have tested this in USBLoader Gx and NeoGamma Backup Lanucher. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!